Friday, September 21, 2007

I love the mailman

You just know that the day is going to be nice when you open the mailbox and find large envelopes or book sized packages in there. Large brown envelopes mean my favourites, puzzle magazines. Today I had both; one large envelope and a package with on the cover. I never know what is in them, because I usually make pre-orders even more than a half years ahead.
My package contained this:
That is the cover of a box with a daily calendar with 312 Conceptis Battleship puzzles. There are six pages for each week (Monday-Friday, Saturday + Sunday) with one Battleships puzzle.

The calendar is on a hard plastic background which can be placed on the table, hung on the wall or the middle of the background can be foldeded back and the calendar placed standing on the table.

The first 3 pages contain the rules and tips for solving. The page is supposed to be torn off and the solutions are on the back of each page. Puzzle difficulties progress from easiest on Mondays till the hardest on Saturdays and Sundays.

The sad thing is that now I have to wait for more than 3 months before I can start solving.
If you want to order online, here is the link.

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