Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Finnish Blog

When I started blogging, I could never have imagined, where it would take me. Blogging is fun and with the help of other bloggers I have found many interesting sites and interesting people.

I teach mathematics and our school Turun iltalukio, has a very good learning space in the net. The disadvantage however is that it is a secured site and only the teachers and students have access there.

I gave it a long thought and checked what and where people are blogging in Finnish. I came to a very odd conclusion but it may be that I was not thorough enough. Most of the Finnish blogs are diaries or journals about the blogger's every day life and feelings. I found one with a teacher informing students about events, homework and classes (5th grade). The aspect of linking to general groups was not very visible. Well, that may be a part of the Finnish character; we have a reputation to keeping to our selves.

The main host was LiveJournal which to my eye is very old-fashioned. It reminds me of those days when I first learned how to use Internet and e-mails. I can't even remember how long ago that was, more than 10 years ago.
Blogspot was also used in some cases and someone stated that he got bored with the inconvenience of LiveJournal.

I decided to start blogging in Finnish about my work in the hope that I could get someone convinced that it is never too late to study ;) I will also provide links to my students who want to have something more than just the normal school maths or who want to exercise the logic skills in sites like Conceptis.

Since I am a bit proud of my home country I chose a blog from After writing two posts I am not sure if I continue there or choose another place. It is definitely worse than Blogger. The most irritating thing is the Google-ad's. I would have to pay 39.90 € to get rid of those and at the same time I would get more options for the layout. What I have seen so far made me decide that it's not worth paying that.

Currently my new blog is in but it maybe that I'll start a new blog somewhere else.