Friday, September 7, 2007

Work disturbes hobbies

The first week at work is over. In my work as a teacher in a school for adults it is also the hardest. Teaching there is a pleasure but the beginning is hard. You can never know how many students will show up this year.
This year I had enough of them, at this point about 40 starting the long math courses and there will be more, I know that from experience. This is enough to keep the courses going through all year. There are always eager starters who notice that it is too hard for them at this point of life.

The week has gone and I have not had time to write to the blog, I have barely been able to answer most e-mails and after school at 21.00 I am mostly too tired to concentrate on anything.
Even this week's review puzzle is not finished. It started just fine, but Wednesday I found out I had made an error and I just have not had energy to erase the part where the error is, yet. I am going to do it since I want to solve them myself without clues from others.

For those who don't know what I am talking about:
Conceptis publishes a review puzzle every Sunday. Members solve or try to solve the puzzle and then write a review about the puzzle: the quality of the picture, how hard the puzzles was and things like that. One can even say that it was too hard to solve. One lucky member wins a T-shirt every week.

My absolute favourites are B/W Pic-A-Pix puzzles which I always solve on paper even though Conceptis offers also two of them online every week.
I have my favourites attached to my freezer door with magnets and today I took pictures of them to share.

This is the first puzzle I reviewed

And this was the second. I was not very experienced yet and it took me the whole week. I even had to clue a fresh part in the top middle because I had erased so many times that the paper started to wear out.

This was also one of the first ones. It is large but it's a coloured Link-A-Pix and thus much easier to solve

This was the one which won me the T-shirt in the summer of 2005. Ironic that this is a B/W Link-A-Pix and I think they are too easy :)

This is the hardest one I've solved so far (I don't count Advanced Logic Fill-A-Pixies since I have not had the energy to learn to solve them)

My favourite is one of these, I just can't decide which:


Gil said...

This is a very nice gallery you have there Leena. congrats.

Did you know once you upload a picture to your blog it automatically shows in your PicasaWeb albums? You can easily create really cute slideshows from your Picasaweb albums and have them posted on any site or within a blog post.

This way you can have a certain album gallery updated automatically on your blog whenever you upload new pictures to it.

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P.S. I wonder what your students think about their blogging teacher.

Leena Helttula said...

Thanks Gil :)

Actually I did not know. I still have lots of thinks to check and learn about blogging. Thanks for the tip.

And my students probably don't know yet. It is not actually very common to use English.
My students are used to me doing crazy things. You should see me teaching :P

I have thought of creative ways to blog about our school in Finnish but it probably is not very useful yet since our country is small and Turku even smaller. Besides I could not do that totally on my own. It would take more time from more important things like puzzling.