Friday, August 24, 2007

Questionable Advertising

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Puskaradiomainonta hämärtää markkinoinnin rajoja

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The previous clip is from YLE, Finland's national public service broadcasting company and could be translated as:
Buzzer advertising dims the borders of marketing.
The same news clip has a link to the website which provides the Buzzers and also seeks for new ones.

The Background and Ideology
This Buzzler service is the first branded word-of-mouth marketing service in Finland and – as far as we know – the whole of Europe. Although the service is a completely novel innovation, it is based on an age-old truth: a satisfied customer is the best advertisement. We are all familiar with the grapevine as a phenomenon, as it forms an intrinsic part of our everyday lives and social interaction. It is a metaphor for genuine, natural interaction between people, exchanging opinions based on their own experiences. And that is just what Buzzing is all about.
How Does It Work?
The Buzzlers who have signed up for the campaign will receive the product by post along with the Buzzler’s Manual, which includes detailed information about the product as well as instructions for Buzzing. Instead of the product, the Buzzlers may receive a coupon that entitles them to a free sample of the product, which they can pick up from the shop. If the campaign involves a service, the manual will give clear instructions on how the service is to be used.
The Buzzlers test the product and form their opinion. They report their Buzzing efforts online and assess how successful each contact has been. The reports also indicate whom the Buzzler has chosen as his or her target and when, what the product was and how the Buzzler promoted it. The administrators then review the reports, awarding ten Buzzler Points for each approved report.
Buzzlers accumulate Buzzler Points based on how actively they Buzz. Buzzlers can view their points balance by logging into their profile on the website. Active Buzzlers are rewarded with campaign-specific prizes after the campaign has finished.
Why Is Buzzing So Effective?
- Each contact between the Buzzler and his or her target is intensive
- The Buzzler is able to judge who could be interested in the product
- The Buzzler can tell the target group about the product in a way that appeals to that particular target group
- If the Buzzler is happy with the product, his or her genuine excitement comes across
-> Innovative Buzzing can take place where the client would otherwise fail to reach potential customers
- Reliable communication -> the Buzzler has no personal interest in embroidering the truth; he or she will give an honest, genuine opinion
Research Data
According to the UK-based Henley Centre:
- 90 percent of consumers strongly believe that information received from friends and family is reliable.
- An estimated 89 percent of consumers recommend products or services that they have found useful to their acquaintances.

The question is: Who can rely on friends any more?
I listen to what my friends say but fortunately my friends also know that regardless of what they tell me to do, I follow my own route.

My blog may give the impression that I am a Buzzer for Conceptis!
I can assure that Conceptis does not pay me anything for advertising their puzzles. Besides I am not very good in Buzzing. Shouting would be a more appropriate word describing my style =D


Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,

Buzzer excits in The Netherlands for 2 till 3 years, I've done a few things like a game, a magazine and music. The dutch site is


Leena Helttula said...

So that shows that they are giving wrong info: first in Europe.
Regarding games, magazines and music I can even understand, but the Finnish agency has used it in marketing e.g. bread which is supposed to lower your colesterole and a natural product which supposedly works on allergies!
One of their campaigns is OK, education for children in Ethiopia.