Monday, December 3, 2007

Cat or Corgi?

It’s been a while since I wrote about my Welsh corgi, Piitu. Now she is 8 months old and she has finished her school but I think she would need some extra classes. Now that the gardening time is over, she has been concentrating on tearing all her soft toys to pieces. She loves to tear a small hole first and then take all the stuffing away.
I have had one Corgi before and this one has a skill I never imagined a Corgi could have. She is an amazing jumper. I have found her on the kitchen table and she jump from the sofa to the armchair and it seems there are no obstacles in her way.
Here is a video showing her jumps.

Next week she will start agility. I just hope she’ll spend her energy there and just not learn more skills to reach new places.
She can also relax…


JamyTan said...

Hi Thank you for dropping by my blog. I read your blog through my friend Jessie blog.
I am a Math's addict too :):). I was a Computer Science graduate 25 years ago :). You probably guess my age, right, he he he.
Greetings from Florida, USA.

Leena Helttula said...

Hi Katayan and thanks for the visit :) I was a math graduate about the same time...
I have studied Computer Science too and actually studied some more now that my children are adults and I have spare time.
At this time of year Florida seems very attracting. I was there once in August!!!

Tanny said...

Leena, this post made me laugh, it took time for piitu's photo to download. she is so beautiful, I remember when you just got her, it's been toooooo long. my dogs are schooling me, and they are best jumpers too ;)

JamyTan said...

Yes, we are still having some warm weather even at Christmas :). January get cold at times.
I have added you in my friends page.
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