Friday, December 28, 2007

Memories and Games

Since I am addicted to puzzles, it should be obvious that I am also addicted to puzzle games. Earlier when very few games could be played online my game collection was very limited since all the shops selling PC-games concentrated on the more popular arcade games. Now the online game collections are almost unlimited and many of those old favourites can be found in new fabulous Flash versions.

To find these games I have been following, besides the bookmarking sites, also a couple of games review pages. To my absolute astonishment the other one, Jayisgames, introduced a game which was so very familiar, but not with the computer. The game was Pajatso, the game that all adults played in my childhood until they had no coins left to play. Those pajatsos were slot machines and they worked originally with 20 Finnish pennies, later with more valuable coins. The nostalgic game was mechanical at first. I am not really sure if the electrical versions still exists. I did not play much because I was not good at it. It was more fun to watch others play though.

This online version is very boring but it brings back so many memories.

The game is in Finnish, but you need only three choices and the left button.

You play the game with the LEFT-button. If the game does not fit your screen, use the full screen option by choosing F11.

Harjoittelu: Free practice. The indicator next to the hit button shows the force you are using. The light above the indicator shows when you can hit the next coin. Palautusprosentti (return percentage) indicates if you are winning.

Voittopeli: You have 5 marks at the beginning. Try to win as much as you can and end the game while you are winning (Ha! Who could do that). If you are getting a new record press the green blinking button or keep on playing :) The coins you are using are 50 pennies = 0.5 marks.

Turnauspeli: Find out who is the best. You have 40 coins to play. Try to get as many winnings as possible. The best score is shown at the top corner of the game. (Päävalikko = main, uusi peli = new game)

Well, when you soon get bored with that, you can try my last addiction. I found this game from my favourite site, Fugdale’s Funhouse. The game is Splash Back and I find myself trying “just one more game…” You could think that some improvement in playing skills would occur, but it has not happened to me yet.

Try it, but don’t blame me, if you get caught!


Anonymous said...

Hello Leena, I'm not a big fan of puzzles, although I sometimes do the sudoku ones, not always with success. But, maybe your enthusiasm with inspire me. I thoroughly enjoy hearing about Finland. I'm not Finnish, but my son's in-laws are from Finland, and my daughter-in-law speaks Finnish to our grandchildren. All the best, April (Canada)

phraseit said...

Hi there,
We are big fans of puzzles, but I must admit I know nothing about Japanese puzzles. I think you might like our blog (also about puzzles and games, but not only) and you may want to visit our "treasure store" there.
We'll be delighted to meet you.
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