Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa lives in Finland!

Despite common beliefs Santa Claus lives here in Finland, not in Sweden or the North Pole!

Far, far away in the north, amid the endless wilderness of Finnish Lapland, is a mysterious mountain called Korvatunturi. Right at the foot, hidden from human eyes and ears, lives Santa Claus with his wife, his elves and his reindeer. He’s in fact been living there so long that he can’t quite remember when he first moved in. He doesn’t actually say much about his home, but he does let on that, as its name - Ear Mountain - suggests, it’s an excellent place for hearing and receiving the hopes and dreams of people of all ages.

Korvatunturi lies far, far away in the wilds of Lapland, but then if you live down south, the Arctic Circle may seem a long way away. And because Santa doesn’t want anyone to be disappointed, he has promised to be at his Office on the Arctic Circle every single day of the year, ready to receive friends from near and far.
[copied from santaclauslive.com]

Santa has nowadays a webcam to follow his work inside and outside the office.

Stories about Santa Claus, animals, elves, sky and stars etc. you can find also here. Santa has nowadays also his own television channel at Santatelevision.com where you can watch videos about Santa’s departure, Santa’s summer activities or Traditional Finnish Christmas.

All the sites provided here are made thinking about children.

Have fun reading the stories and watching Santa.


Meghna said...

Hi Leena,
Interesting post! I liked the links too! Didn't know Santa lived at your place! If you do meet him tell him that I too have a wish list for him! :D

Merry Christmas to you!

Cyn said...

How magical! I shall show my Grandson when he gets home from school

JesieBlogJourney said...

I was wondering how the story of Santa came about!

BudgetBride said...

I just saw your post! Funny - I just added the same link today at some of my hubs. I've been going to this site for 5 years now. I love the magical sense to it!

Black_Mamba said...

I was wondering where he was lol.....

Advance Merry Christmas Leena!!!