Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tampere University of Technology students play Tetris WITH their dorm

The wall of Finland’s largest university dorm was transformed last week into the country’s largest videogame display unit. The facade of the 11-storey building, with nine windows on each floor, then served as a platform for a very impressive light-show, on a giant 9 x 11 pixel screen.Bright LED-lights were placed in the windows of all the apartments in Block D of Mikontalo. During the 3-day “Mikontalolights” event, the wall of the building was used to play Tetris and other popular first-generation video games, and to show off the computer graphics skills of the students at the Tampere University of Technology, who had been dreaming of realising such a project for years. Renovations to the building, which dates from 1980, gave them a suitable “window of opportunity”.

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More videos from the event here.
And the homepage of the Mikontalo Project here


Gil said...

Awesome. in the late 1980s a Japanese architect named Non Ishida came up with the idea of Pic-a-Pix puzzles while working on a geometric pattern windows illumination project on a high-rise building in Tokyo. guess you knew that :)

Leena Helttula said...

I have read the Conceptis article's, of course :) I was not sure if they used windows or light bulbs.
We don't have skyscrapers here, so they had to use a simple game like Tetris.
The engineering students are very famous here about their inventions, practical jokes and stuff, regarless where they study: Helsinki, Tampere or Turku :)