Sunday, December 30, 2007

Conceptis Review Puzzle

As usual, holidays seem to consist of much shorter days than normal work days. One week left, and I feel I have not accomplished as much as I had planned. Transferring files between computers trying to figure out how they should be organized is not exactly very inspiring at the moment.

This was one Sunday in a long row of Sundays when I once again forgot to send my review to Conceptis of their weekly puzzle. I should do it right away after I have solved it, but usually I remember it only at moments when I am not anywhere near my computer.

So this time I am writing my review here:

The puzzle was a very nice colour Pic-A-Pix-puzzle and the size was just the way I like them. Somebody is riding on a sledge and a beautiful deer is pulling the sledge. I am not exactly sure who the man is. The clothing is not familiar; all I can think of are the heroes from our national epic Kalevala.

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