Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finland's Big Brother winner 2007

The Finnish Big Brother 2007, the third season, has just ended. I admit, I have been following it closely. Last year when my father died in the beginning of November, BB was the only thing I could concentrate on and I bought the 24/7. This year I did it just for the habit.

Generally this year was very boring. The weekly tasks were mostly not good and most of the interesting and entertaining people were voted out too early.

One thing was better than in the previous years. My favourite won!

The winner was Sauli, a 22-year old guy, who publicly admitted being gay. He was really sweet and got along with everybody and also could show his feelings which is not very typical of Finnish men.

This time I am proud of the Finnish voters; you all showed that sexual preferences are not an issue!

Congratulations Sauli :)


Black_Mamba said...

It's nice to hear that the vote was impartial and that your bet won :) P.S. I have a little something for you in my recent post. Thanks again for all the visits Leena :)

André said...

hi Leena, congratulations Sauli, indeed, but also to you (for your bet), and congratulations for Finnish people who voted a gay - I shouldn't be saying this like that (like if voters have voted Sauli because of his sexual orientation) - what I meant is: unhappily, if it was in my country, I'm shore that people wouldn't have voted a gay to win... which is sad...

Embrace, my friend

Leena Helttula said...

Ivy, Thank you!

Leena Helttula said...

André, Finland is a very liberated country :)
As from own experience I know that at least gay guys are the most adorable people. I have a couple who have belonged to my best friends for ages.

André said...

Hi Leena, unhappily Portugal (as other countries of the southern -or Mediterranean - culture, with many influences of a catholic matrix, and Spain is a agreeable exception, is still not very permissive... Anyway, as I posted on my blog, there's a process at The Constitutional Court that - I guess - will compel the Portuguese government to allow gay marriage... There's not all to change culture, but it's the start - and I hope someday we'll be as liberated as northern countries! Embrace

Anonymous said...

Sauli ! ! nice to meet you !
I am alejandro from the kilkenny bar!