Friday, July 18, 2008

Boys will NEVER grow up

If you have not read my official post about Jerusalem, I suggest you do that first. I will blog about today later, but this has to come first. All the others left swimming and I enjoyed my peace with the computer. I was writing the post about Jerusalem and when they came back I went to ask questions about their trip. When I returned to the computer I found an altered text. I only paid attention to one part of it, but every reader found more things to laugh at.
My son is a real joker. He can joke about anything and he is verbally very talented. So compare to my text and see what he did! But prepare yourself to a serious burst of laughter :)

We had an early start today and even though the sandwiches were prepared to take them with us, we missed the departure which according to Dave should have been at 7 am. The other mistake was to trust the GPS which did not direct us to the toll road 6, but instead used road 1 which meant that we had to face the traffic jams in Haifa and in Tel Aviv. However, we used the jam to make us a spending English breakfast. So we were late from our meeting with the guide in … almost by an hour! I am a person who hates to be late :(

However it turned out that it was better for us that way. Because we were so late the original plan to follow the guides car would not have succeeded because of the traffic in Jerusalem. So the guide, Boaz
, took us in his SUV. Boaz was an excellent guide and even though I visited Jerusalem before, I learned so much and heard many new stories. Boaz got his name from the king of the jungle – the Boa snake. He used to utilize little Boas as toothpicks and before the snakes got stuck under his tongue, they made a soothing sound – hence the name BoaZZZZZZ.

The locals say that seeing everything in Jerusalem (meaning the old city) would take at least four days and I am convinced that they are left. Describing the feeling or the places is something I am really unable to do. It is something all have to experience themselves. That is why I am only including some pictures. I am not really sure how much time we spent in the Old City, as all our clocks were stopped due to the holy spirit affecting the clockwork.

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