Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday - Bahá’í Gardens

This morning we started with shops in a Bedouin village. Anna was with us showing the way and said that she had never visited there before. We saw so much nice handicraft, paintings, clothes, pottery and jewels which again were different from the others we have seen so far. I did buy a new hat for blocking the sun. The previous was problematic because the wind was blowing it off my head.

We had made arrangements to see a friend of mine from Conceptis forums, Anat, who kindly gave us a place to stay last year. After coming from the market we still had much time left. Some of us were sleeping, some puzzling under the sun and I of course did it in the shadows. We had thought that we could have a closer look to Tel Aviv since we were going that way but we found out that because of the Sabbath starting the shops would be closed early.

However Jukka and I remembered that the kids had not seen the most amazing place in Haifa, the Bahá’í Gardens. The two most sacred sites for Bahá’í's - the resting places of the founders of their religion - join a list of internationally recognized sites like the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and Stonehenge. About Bahá’í Faith you can read here.

We needed some coffee and something salty food before leaving to Herzliya and found one nice place which was open. We thought we ordered just some small sandwiches and got totally surprised by the dishes (this is for one person):

We could not eat them all because we were just going out for dinner but they were really good.
We met Anat and all her family in Herzliya in a restaurant called Avazi. Compared to restaurants everywhere I have ever been in, the Israeli ones have really huge amounts of food!

After dinner we had some good time refreshing memories in Anat’s home.

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