Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gil and I with Computers

Even though it seems I get very late to bed here, I also wake up very early in the morning. Nitsan was taking Carmel to the kindergarten and made me some coffee. After that I went upstairs to Gil’s office to start my computer where Gil joined me a little later. Now I have seen altogether 4 of Conceptis offices. Natalia and Amit share the same room, but Gil and Nitsi are having their own offices, Gil upstairs and Nitsi downstairs. I actually slept in Nitsi’s office :) Here is my morning coffee and I took the picture to show the mug. I still can’t believe it; I am in the house of these Conceptis people and drinking coffee from a Conceptis mug. It is like I was transferred to a parallel universe!

The day is hard to explain to people who are not into computers. At moments Gil and I were totally quiet doing our own stuff and then we also started talking about something and forgot our computers for a while. Besides blogging, I am very active in various social bookmarking sites and so is Gil. We talked about common friends, the importance of the socializing in the internet in the future, Conceptis of course, and I had a really great time. Even though I can contact Gil through IM, it was amazing to sit next to him! I think most of the people don’t understand what I am talking about, it is a totally different world out there, but Gil and I share the common interest.

Nitsi picks Carmel up from the kindergarten and after that Carmel sleeps 2 or 3 hours. After that it is the time of Carmel and Gil together so that Nitsi can work and like this Gil spends part of his afternoons:

Now I was spending that time with them and mostly Carmel liked it. We sat in the garden talking and Carmel ordered where Gil should sit so that he would not block me from her. She fetched passion fruits from the garden (they have own trees) and ate them with me.

Later on Nitsi took care of Carmel and Gil and I went back to our computers.

We were up quite late and I heard news from the family getting back to Finland. The first part to Vienna went well, but in Vienna they had to sit 2 hours in the Finnair aeroplane waiting for the door to the luggage compartment to get fixed. After the 2 hours they were told that the door could not get fixed and that they would be transferred to a hotel. Bad news for Marika, she was supposed to work Monday morning. They went to get the luggage and when they got them they were again informed that the plane is leaving after all! The result of all of this was that they were at home at 5 am and also that Katri’s luggage was left in Vienna. She will get it later….

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