Monday, July 14, 2008

Tel Aviv

We woke up to the new day in Tal hotel Tel Aviv. I woke up early but obviously not well rested because I forgot the title from my last post. The breakfast was excellent! I just love Israeli food and Marika told that it was the best breakfast she ever had. She is a vegetarian who eats milk products and eggs. A kosher breakfast is just like made for her.

Now that we could see the scenery around the hotel (it is odd to Finnish people at this time of the year to have to be so many hours in the dark...) we saw the beach. All the others except me are very fond of beaches and swimming so there we went. I don't swim AND I don't want the sun to "touch" me. I sat under the sun shade doing puzzles while others were having fun their way. I am not sure if it is the nature's way of protecting my skin, but I never have tried to get a tan. I use sun screen because sometimes it is not possible to totally avoid it. Later it showed up that the men had missed some spots with the sunscreen. The other one has a red neck now and the other reddish shoulders. I think both the girls have darker skins. Marika is even so much darker that she never burns herself.

After the beach the men went to get the car from the rental office. They decided to take a navigator also. It is really useful here and the price was reasonable. Compared to the price we paid in Kajaani, this whole car is almost free.

Now we went to lunch with two of my social media contacts. I had lunch with Avi (MediaSight) and Ariela. I know both from Digg and StumbleUpon. Here is a picture of me and Avi.

With the navigator we had very easy to find our hotel in Haifa. I was in the same hotel last year with Jukka and the feeling was amazing. Just like coming back home!

We had dinner with Dave in the evening and I remembered one other thing from last year. If I am not careful, I eat too much. The food is not fattening but if I eat too much I can't even move after eating.

Today we are trying to take things more lightly. Olli told us that on vacation he wants to sleep too. He spent some days with too few hours to sleep so that everything would be ready for his vacation.
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Anonymous said...

Ohhh...i know that guy! :)
what a luck you have a blog Leena, so i can see what are you doing here. i'm happy to know you arrived to Haifa safe, and i must admit, you have such a nice family :)

Anonymous said...

Ouchie! The very worst sunburn you can get is when it's "blotchy" and your get too much sun on your "baby tender white meat". That's what "we" call it. Those places that aren't supposed to see sun anyway.

Make sure you don't come home without first eating some "FILAFAL". It's really good. Sometimes you can get them with a creamy dill dipping sauce. (My hubby was stationed in Israel for some time - we still eat FILAFAL to this day).

Leena - your Family is beautiful. How wonderful that you get to go on an adventure together...and meet up with Friends along the way.

Traveling does makes you tired but you still found time to exercise your mind with puzzles! Bravo.

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