Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Day Just Travelling

The first day was all travelling... First from Turku to Helsinki. Jukka (my husband) and Katri (my daughter) took a bus because 5 adults and their luggage did not fir in my Volkswagen Golf. The only problem in regarding this part was the parking. Jukka told us to find the area P3, in Helsinki airport, but they had changed entrance. Well, none of us had never been there before so it should not have been a problem. They had a sign about the entrance change but why did they have to "hide" it. After we had found the sign which showed were to drive in, we had just passed it and had to drive around the whole building to get back to it!

We had an intermediate landing in Brussels. The airport was partly new and it was clearly visible. Lots of empty passages and lots of gates just waiting for the passengers. We had no problem to find the right gate, but we were there so early that no one was at the desk. We had not got the boarding passes for this flight in Helsinki. I think it is odd, because Brussels Airlines took care of both the flights; the first part on behalf of Finnair and second part for El Al. Since the hall was practically empty we decided to go back to the main area where the shops and restaurants were.

At this point Brussels Airport got me so angry! I admit: I smoke. Now I am in a huge airport in the centre of EU and they have totally banned smoking for the entire airport! I don't mind that I have to smoke in tiny boxes not to disturb other people, but this was ridiculous. If this is the way they are trying to get people quit smoking, they are making a huge mistake with me. The more they are using force for people to do it, the more determined I am that I won't do what they want me to. I have always been a rebellion. It is good they have invented the Nicorette inhalator (Finnish link, I guess it is not commonly used in all countries). I just can not stand gum!

We had lots of time to waste and we used it drinking coffee and puzzling:

At this point Jukka is checking the book store downstairs.

We were let in the plane which was BIG. It was an AirBus tand his was the second time I flew in a big plane like that. The first time was 25 years ago when flying to Florida. For some reason the plane was almost an hour late on departure. After that everything has been going smoothly. We took taxis from the airport to the hotel, went to buy some water to drink and went to sleep.

Today we are going to explore Tel Aviv a bit and then we are heading for Haifa with a rental car for which we have made a reservation. It should be bigger than my Golf so we can all fit in.


Anonymous said...

Traveling to Israel is always a pain - I should know - my whole family lives there except for me, my husband and two dogs.

You are going to have an amazing time! The food, the culture, the gorgeous beaches...I am jealous. My husband and I hope to make it to Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem come October for the birth of our niece or nephew!

I am on edge waiting to hear about your adventures in my favorite place in the world!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear all of you are at Israel enjoying everything.