Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Day in Haifa

First of all, I apologize for the mistakes I make. Now I have only one hour before the family wakes up and I can't post and find all the mistakes in that time. I'll make corrections later; my last post was a good example of that.

We are staying in Haifa at Hotel Marom, and this is a really beautiful place (all of Haifa is!)

We had breakfast and this is place we have been talking about the whole year. We can fry our eggs and squeeze the oranges ourselves! Best orange juice I have ever had.

After breakfast Olli went back to sleep as he had promised but the girls wanted to go out and lie in the sun. I went with them and took my puzzle magazine with me. When I went to buy some coffee, the hotel owner asked if he would open the Jacuzzi. Of course! The girls were thrilled. He said that it was too cool at first, 27 decrees Celsius maybe which is actually hot for Finns :) The girls jumped in.

Later the men joined us also, but they missed the cool water.

The next target was the Grand Canyon in Haifa, a shopping mall. Driving there we told the children that our trunk would be opened for check up. Jukka told that it was because they checked if we had any terrorists in the trunk! I always thought they checked for bombs ;) This lead to a very funny discussion only my family can have =D

This country is a paradise for Marika, the vegetarian. We ate in an Italian place which sold kosher food. Fish, two kinds of pastas, two kinds of salads, bread... Marika can never get a selection like that in Finnish restaurants not to mention fast food places.

We did some shopping but the kids were convinced that they would love to go there again. It is like I thought. At the end of the week they will be envious of me for my extra week!

In the evening we had dinner with Dave and his parents. Some information for Conceptis members: this is the Conceptis conference room, the local steak house.

The dinner was so enjoyable over good food and delightful conversations. Thank to all the Green's for a good company!

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