Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday – vacation from vacation

The past 3 days have been very intense and at this point Chie was frustrated about the work she had no time to do. I was the only one who really had a vacation; I don’t have to think about school work right now. Of course I missed the things that were going on in the social networks but I don’t have to take that so seriously since my income has nothing to do with any of it.

So Friday was mostly free time. I had time to update my blog and Chie and Amo worked on their computers. The others wanted to go to a beach and now I followed along even though I had no intention to go to the sea. We took a taxi to the Camel Beach. The waves were very high and the man on the rescue tower was shouting warnings all the time. We did not understand anything but at times it seemed like he was really shouting. In Israel you can’t really know; they speak Hebrew very intensely, totally unlike we Finns who can speak almost without opening our mouth. Kimi Räikkönen (the F1 driver) is a good example and he speaks even English like that.

The mysterious Korean lady who did want to hide from paparazzis

I solved puzzles while the others were swimming and collected some shells and beautiful stones which looked like jewels.

After getting back from the beach we had some free time and then we went to Dave’s house. Dave has 3 cats and one dog. The others were interested in the cats but I hoped to renew my friendship with the dog. I met her last year and even though Dave said that she is very shy with people, I succeeded in gaining her trust. Now she obviously did not remember me, but after some time she let me tap and stroke her :)

We had some coffee and Amo gave Dave instructions how to use the noodles and sauces she had brought to Dave from Korea. We went to Dave’s office which is a place of magic to me: all those puzzle magazines from all over the world. Dave told us to make some “cleaning”. He has several copies of some of the magazines, sent by the publishers and he said we could gladly take whatever we wanted. Normally to me that was like saying to an alcoholic that he can drink as much as he wants but I think I have reached a certain point. I have my selves full of puzzle books and magazines and I am never going to be able to solve them all. I concentrated only on magazines I rarely see, or have not seen at all also remembering that the space in my suitcase is very limited. The family took with them some extra stuff I did not need any more but I already had brought the wines and other things. To my satisfaction Dave also had two Rummikub games and gave me the other.

After Dave had showed us the whole house, we took a taxi to the Steak restaurant, and Dave went to get his parents. We spent a delightful evening talking and joking. Dave has wonderful parents and I just love their British accent, the real Oxford English!

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