Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday – Conceptis Party

Today we got the chance to sleep a little later. Chie and Amo have lots of correspondence to attend to and I could update my blog, which is not very easy while so many things are happening all the time.

Around noon Dave came to the hotel and took us to lunch. Again huge amounts of food! Chie and Amo also like to eat and they are so thin! Maybe I have stored too many calories in the past because the weather is so hot that I lose my appetite. I eat at home far less than I eat here. A couple of times I have tried to eat ice cream here, but that is a skill I needed some lessons to be able to manage. I am not just fast enough; part of the ice cream will melt and drop on the ground with all the techniques I have tried. Dave even joked that in Finland I can just leave the ice cream for a couple of hours and it is the same as when I left. Haha!

This time my picture is an eggplant dish. Eggplant is very popular here:

After eating we visited a local liquor store and I have never seen a place like that. I have attached two pictures but I had to take five and even then parts of the corners were left out. We all bought some Israeli wine to take with us home.

Time just flies! Suddenly we noticed that we had only one hour to prepare ourselves for the Conceptis party. It took place in Gil’s house and we took a taxi from the hotel to get there. This time the taxi knew where he was going.

It was wonderful to see Gil, Nitsi and Carmel again. I had been away for two days and for me it felt like an eternity.

I am not even sure how many people we were altogether, but I met people I had not seen before. I met Dave’s eldest daughter, Dave’s sister, one of the founders of Conceptis and Micha Hertzano (from Lemada Light Industries Inc. which invented Rummikub, their most famous game). Micha had been in Finland several times and could even count from one to four in Finnish. He was a very funny guy and was joking that he was just a stand-up comedian Dave had arranged for us.

I also met my friend Tal Siach, a social media guru in Israel, like Avi I told about in my first posts from Israel. We have gotten to know each other in Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook,…, I am not even sure in how many places. Gil is also his friend and this was the first time they met. What a historical moment!

We ate delicious food provided by a caterer, drank wine and had discussions about all kinds of things. We had also a gathering last year but it was totally different. Then the participants were staff members or forum members. No we had important foreign guests (I'm not counting myself as one!) who were introduced to the staff and also other people regarding Conceptis relationships. No talking about the website this time.

We took a taxi back to our hotel in Haifa and the driver knew the way. My problem was that he drove very fast passing other cars so that I was clued to my seat out of pure horror! The others were sleeping in the back seat and did see nothing…

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